Alrea Tiatha

Female Wood Elf

Age: Middle Aged (Unknown)
Class & Level: Fighter 4
Profession: Military, Captain of Folst Grove


Alrea is a hometown hero, her mother was a war refugee who sought safety in Folst Grove, and her father is unknown. In her youth she joined the Corellon’s Guard. Although most of her military history is classified, her superior officers will tell you, off the record, that she is a highly decorated and accomplished soldier.

She has become the pride of the town and beloved by all. After retirement from active duty, she was formerly appointed to the Isles Defense Council due to her tactical skill and diplomacy. She is fluent in multiple languages, and as such, she is often sent as part of envoys to foreign lands.

After her appointment she also petitioned for, and was granted, the seat of Captain of Folst Grove, where she currently resides today.


Alrea is known for her exceptional beauty, although she is of small stature and does not carry herself with much grace, she hides amazing strength and battle prowess. Her eyes are a deep, calm blue, framed by whitening hair. However, the most noticeable feature is her dark, ashy skin tone. Little of her father is known, if at all, but hushed whispers around the town suggest her bloodline is tainted with drow ancestry, though no one would dare speak out on the subject.


Any person who has made Folst Grove their home, even for only a short time, will have heard of Alrea’s peculiar phobia of spiders. When she is seen about town she is often singing or humming to herself quietly, appearing as if she is lost deep in her own thoughts.

Alrea Tiatha

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