Folst Grove

Elven Isles (Small Town)

Population: 1,506 (Mixed; Wood Elf 62%, Ice Elf 23%, Moon Elf 9%, Sun Elf 4%, Other 2%)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Government: Military; Captain Alrea Tiatha
Notable NPCs: Quarion, Eloen, Thallan

Notes: Folst Grove is a town full of rivalry between the various Elven sub-races for who can produce the best archer. Currently the wood elves are desperately trying to take top rank back from the moon elves.

Alrea is a respected leader who is considered fair and just by all.

The small town is known for its beautiful floral arrangements and high quality elven wines.

Town History:

Folst Grove lies west of the eastern sea coast. It began as a small agricultural town, growing flowers and making them into arrangements for exporting to all areas of the Elven Isles. The town soon gained some recognition for its vineyards and the wine they produce.

During The Great Rift in which the beast tribes of the northern mainland, led by the Orcs, most of the elves were pushed back into the isles. In order to protect their ancestral home and push back against the warring forces, the Deepwood Ranger Task Force was established. Needing a relatively secluded, but spacious training ground, they set up encampment in the grove. As the task force found victory after victory, more and more elves came to Folst Grove looking to enlist. Many applied and were accepted into the army, but most did not make the cut for the task force.

Due to this the encampment quickly expanded and a fortress was built, known as Deepwood Fort. The Fort is home to the Deepwood Ranger Task Force and Corellon’s Guard, a regiment of army rangers.

Families would follow their enlisting husbands, sons and brothers and the small town experienced a small growth spurt. Today the town is home to a little over 1,500, mostly elves and has a rich assortment of shops with a modest number of tourists passing through on their way to and from the coast.

Notable Buildings:

Other Amenities:

  • General Store
  • Carpenter
  • Weaver
  • Tailor
  • Baker
  • Fruit & Vegetable Stand
  • Dried Meats Stand
  • Herbs & Incense Stand
  • Jeweler
  • Book Store
  • Alchemist
  • Scribe
  • Armorer & Smithy

Citizens of Folst Grove may also utilize pawn, banking and loan services in the General Store. Visitors and tourists, however, are not offered these services.

Folst Grove

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